A Broken Heart…the story that slips through our fingers

psyche-discovers-that-her-secret-lover-is-cupid 3

Painting: Psyche Discovers That Her Secret Lover is Cupid, Maurice Denis, 1908

Moonlight falls through the window

Spread across your bed

To kiss your shoulder

As you forget

I taste the salt of your skin

You do not stir

Wake up and I will speak

Lover’s words whispered in your ear

But you sleep

Hold yourself above me

The muscles of your shoulder

Tense with your effort to be gentle

Do not be gentle

I kiss you

But you sleep

I memorize the curve of your shoulder

Hold on to the memory

To sculpt it later in my mind

The child’s softness

The man’s resistance

As you sleep

If I were a sculptor

It would be my life’s work

The curve of your shoulder

A gift to the world

A monument

For my kiss

As you sleep

You are a muse

Like a muse, you ask for everything

My everything is too small

One drop of water in a wild ocean

You are Paradise

I am Eve

Quenching my thirst at your tree

You do not make me stop

But you will turn me from Paradise

One seed in the wild earth

Eve is a Goddess

Like a Goddess, she asked for everything

And was expelled from the hearth

She has called me far away

Lured me from the comfort of a home

For a taste of temptation

Salt on the skin of a man

You woke the Goddess

But you sleep

I read there is an angel

Over every blade of grass

Grow, she whispers to the blade. Grow

Grow, I whisper

But you sleep

I have taken a seed from the Knowledge Tree

Hidden beneath my tongue

I plant it with sweat and tears

One seed in the wild world

If I pulled down the wall

The one you’ve built around your heart

What would I find?

You might crumble with the bricks

Fall to your knees at my feet

 I might find there is nothing for me

I do not belong in Paradise

You sigh and I am gone

One seed on a breath of wind

I am on my knees looking up

Your head is thrown back in ecstasy

I own your pleasure

You cannot take it with you

The seed of knowledge


The taste of your skin

As you sleep

If you had felt my kiss

Turned to me

Seen me crumble

Like the bricks

And loved me anyway…

But you sleep

Open your eyes

Find me in the wild ocean

Find me buried in the earth

Find me waiting beneath your Knowledge Tree

Unravel me and spread me across the sky

Like a string of stars

Spread me across your bed

Like the moonlight

But you sleep

I have my monument

You cannot take it with you

Sleep, I whisper. Sleep

And forget your Eve

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