Excerpt From The Exquisite Rapture of St Joan

Spread out these time creased wings

Reach for the sun beyond

The height where others fell



What if time really were a river?
The Nile, maybe the Amazon and the Mississippi too
All three tied together tail to mouth
Mouth to tail around our lonesome globe
We could travel waves of cherished books
Always another page left to turn
The horizon tuned to play our favorite song
Without a final phrase

Love, Lilith


I am a woman mixed from the dirt of a lonely planet
with the spit of a lonesome god. I dress up again
and again in the transient practice of life and if
our world’s a stage, then I’ve played
the women’s roles. The hours. The days
To look. To touch. To let it go for what it is

I haven’t lived a saint’s life. I won’t die the virgin’s death
But I have dreamed between them all. The souls
of women. Given breath to the rhythm
in ordinary time

Love, Lilith

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