The Ancient Art of Growing Up

I used to think the story of Pandora’s Box (see my last blog) was at best a cautionary tale, and at worst another misogynistic version of the dangers of the feminine mind. Like most of our myths, I now believe Pandora resides in all of us. Woman or man. Accountant or artist. Pandora is the true gift of the story, not her box. In fact, the name Pandora means “giver of all gifts.”

Our box is our destiny, and the admonishment not to open it is our call to adventure.

Motivational author Dennis Rodriguez would describe it as the moment when everything changes. In his book, The Super Human Effect, he likens it to the scene in Superman where Clark Kent acknowledges that his gifts were not meant for the cornfield.

In the upcoming weeks, I will create a series that explores the struggle and hope that form the person or community we become. The stories we live by.

In the meantime, check out The Super Human Effect by Dennis Rodriguez.

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