I picked through the mess and found a box
of creased and faded photographs. Anonymous faces
A moment caught. Hard earned cash handed over
for a paper memory and yet we’ve all come
to rest in mercantile purgatory








Brick by Brick

On Marriage

We have built our house together, you and I
in hard earned 2x4s of time. We burned
well measured blueprints. Made other stairs to climb

Filled our rooms with mouths to feed. Painted walls
in bold colors to cover cracks and stains. Our memories
collected. Hang picture framed of brighter days

Above, a roof to patch to hide. For warmth above a bed we made
and unmade too in fights and tears. Talk and love. The toss and turn
of children’s midnight fears. We have hammered nails that bind

to hold us safe. Cantilevered. An artful arts and crafts design
Learned the will of a living earth. Contract expand. A crack
a crumble. Clean up the mess. Begin again

When we have left with chandeliers and lights dimmed
to match the dark who else could take the shell we built
create the hidden home that we have

The Twenty Fifth Sunday

Ordinary Time

Her girlhood game of spinning to fall tilted on the warm cut grass
in snail-paced ancient wonder. This was the miracle

how gravity could hold her. A force grounded counter-
balanced. The perceived stillness of a flying planet

across the arc of time she emptied her calendar
found herself lost her mind. No plan came true

through years of shelter greed justice
crime only a world giving birth to night and day

horizons draw death from life. Between her suburban
church and the shattered earth, her hymnal hit the floor

in ordinary time

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