The Moon’s Last Song

The Lady in the Moon

The Moon, she appeared
on the tips of winter branches
while the grey line of dawn
Gave shape to the earth
The Wind beneath her
Swept through the forest
Never still

Look up!

She knew where to find him

asked The Wind
Why do women come
and pin their hearts to my sleeve?
Women should come
and go
As casually as me

The Moon, she lifted
her silver veil
The Wind saw her face
her body
The promise of a new-born sun
Reflected on her skin

she said
I am not any woman
I am The Moon
My right arm the ebb
My left the flow
with the strength to shift oceans
I don’t change men
I change my mind

Oh, Wind
You injured man
You soul unchained
I’ve known hurt too
By hope
and love
and life
I have my dark side

Look up!

Don’t you see it?
and love
and life
Those are our prayers
More abundant
In every moment
Weighted in counterbalance
Our separate truths in opposition
Stretched like that horizon
and so we grow

Or we would still be yesterday’s creatures

The world needs The Wind
Your storms and summer breezes
All I want
Is to live the last breath of this night

Look up!

Roll me through the trees
Lift me to the stars
When you whisper
along my mountains
into my valleys
I can forgive any man
even The Wind

The Moon, she smiled
A woman can open herself wide
she knows the men who wait
standing ready at her gate
Interest or disinterest
She won’t need to rise
to the occasion like a man

A woman, she knows
Men are easily had
She keeps her gate closed
Until she has chosen

A woman, she knows
Men can be dangerous
She keeps her gate locked
Until she is safe

When she opens her gate
you are her guest
She has chosen you
That choice is a gift

Accept my gift
or leave it here in my lap
I know how to tend it myself

Hold my offer
as casual as you please
but never

Never tell me how to hand it over

or find your own way home

The Moon

The Moon Image
Moon Lady
Judy Pfeifer, 2013

The Wind, he swelled
to meet The Moon
She came through the quiet night
Alive and awake
Plucked from ashen skin
while sleep fell over the world below

like dew
from leaves
under wind swept fingertips

The Moon, she lifted
like a vessel

like a poet

Hidden behind her silver veil
Tired and free
and lonesome
Losing ground
Gaining space
She traveled with her mysteries

Home again
to spin silver linings into clouds
As best she could
(She only has two hands)

No matter how she waxed
No matter how she waned

The Moon, she remembered
How The Wind whispered
Over her curves
Along her edges

He will be your undoing,
sang the stars
A Greek chorus
Ladylike voices
Oh, I know,
she replied
I want to be undone

Hidden behind her silver veil
Shy and frightened
and eager
through the dark night
She fell to him

Tender heart woven safe
behind her words

Will you come again?
she called
Will you be my lover?

But I am The Wind
I run free
Your arms will never hold me

The Moon, she said
If I wanted a rock
I’d call for a rock
Stable and hard
and unmoving
The weight of him to hold me
in the place I left him

I didn’t call for a rock tonight

I called for The Wind
His mind his only boundary
His north side bitter
with need so sharp
covered in quills
I can’t reach it

He shifts from the south
Warmth along my hidden valleys
and I forget his wanting
lost in my own

You sinner
You saint
I called for you
because I want The Wind

tonight. I can’t give you tomorrow

Who knows why?
He couldn’t refuse

The Wind, he swelled
to meet The Moon

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