The Madman

Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, 1925

Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, 1925

I dreamed I was there
When the saints were brought to trial
By the fountain in the red town square
For speaking shame in teaming prisons
For governing the government
For carrying hope through security
With an anthem-less song in outdated glory
We don’t travel with chivalry anymore
I dreamed I was there
Cowered under my raised fist
A vote to fit the crowd
The saints cried out for martyrs
While the mob chanted death
Both were wrong
We fall to life
Not from grace
The way I see it
as if I was there

  1. Interesting change of direction, Angie….well done…

  2. Wherever it came from, it is Powerful! So much here to reflect on in such few words. I have been reflecting now for two days. Thank you! “We fall to life not from grace”. Uplifting words and profound.

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